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Hi I was wondering if you've come across any resources for doll making that approach coloring resin appropriately for brown skin tones or things like that? Any kind of resources would be helpful but totally understand if you don't know of any! :D

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I actually don’t know anything at all about casting resin, but maybe a follower can help?

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Rahel was the second name I chose when making the order of my Hearts For Hearts appreciation photo event. She is from Ethiopia and she’s fantastic. 

Her hair is amazing! I hate that some people write her off because you can’t do much hair play with her. Dude, how about some hair diversity? I don’t think you need to play with hair on every single doll. You have plenty you can do that with so stop shunning Rahel just because you can’t play beauty shop.

I also love that she’s a darker skintone than the one typically used for black dolls. I love darker-skinned dolls. 

Rahel is wearing her school outfit with some shoes from one of the non-character-specific fashion packs, because I like them better than the orange flipflops this came with. I also love her earrings. Her original outfit is really cute, too. That’s what she’s wearing in that last picture, which is one I shot years ago back in Buffalo. 

Rahel has not been available in stores for some time, though she was a shelf-sitter in my area the first time these dolls were released, which always made me sad, because she’s awesome.

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Nahji is our star for Day 3 of Hearts For Hearts Girls appreciation. 

Nahji is from India. This is actually her tea fashion pack. She’s wearing it with her earrings, choker and shoes from her stock outfit. The elephant tea set is one of my favorite doll accessories ever. I love it! But just look at the detailing on this outfit. It’s superb. My only complaint is the material used for the spangly bit, but it all works together well despite that. 

Nahji has a gorgeous head of hair. It’s so full and silky! I love her nose pierce, although a lot of people complained about it. No complaints about the earrings on all of them, because in Murrika it’s okay to pierce a baby’s ears, but it’s not okay for a doll of an Indian child to wear a nose stud. *MASSIVE EYE ROLL* 

But anyway, yes, I love Nahji. I think I tend to overlook her a little, because someone else got her before I did and took such great pictures that she actually became one of the last ones of the first HFHG set that I bought because I wanted to see the others first. But this tea outfit really made her come alive for me. I just love the colors so much. 

The outdoors photo shows her in her original stock. It’s very cute, but nowhere near the pizzazz of the tea outfit.

Nahji is not currently available in stores, but she can easily be found in the secondary market.

I’ll be back with another girl tomorrow!

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